Satay Sticks
chicken breasts / beef tenderloin

Sesame Chicken
Bite size chicken breasts stir fried in a homemade sweet sauce

Jumbo Prawns
stir fried jumbo prawns cooked with your choice of garlic or pepper sauce

Healthy Fresh Rolls
sliced carrots, cucumber, and apples wrapped in rice paper rolls served with peanut sauce

Classic / Scruffy

Crispy Calamari
homemade calamari rings fried in our signature golden batter, served with sesame sauce and spicy tartar sauce

Spring Rolls
spring vegetables with assorted mushrooms, wrapped with glass noodles in a crispy wheat paper

Pow Pow Shrimp
bite size shrimps drizzled with our homemade sweet n’ sour sauce

Thai Fries
crispy fries seasoned with, coriander, paprika & topped with chili